Laser Depaneling PCB: How Do We Cut Ceramic PCBs from the Panel(Part 3)

Part 3: One-Stop Ceramic PCB Manufacturing - PCBHERO

The above content introduces how we, the PCBHERO team depanel ceramic PCBs. PCBHERO is an advanced PCB manufacturer founded in 1999. We have two large PCB manufacturing bases and one PCB assembly factory that are ISO and IPC certified.

In PCB profiling, we depanel ceramic PCBs by laser. For HDI PCBs, aluminum PCBs, high-frequency PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, etc, our PCB depaneling methods include V-cuts, CNC, half-holes.

If you are looking for a ceramic PCB manufacturer, here are reasons for you to consider PCBHERO:
1、PCBHERO provides all kinds of ceramic PCBs and products, such as alumina PCBs, aluminum nitride PCBs, IGBT ceramic substrates, UVA modules, etc.
2、Ceramic PCB prototypes, batch manufacturing, and assembly have no quantity limit.
3、We adopt the DPC technology to realize 3D ceramic PCB design into reality.
4、Minimum trace space/width of 20μm, conductive layer thickness arbitrarily customized from 1μm to 1mm.

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