Example 1 - Custom RGBW Integration Solution (Wire Bonding)

The COB LED PCB below was designed by PCBHERO engineer for one customer. It's an RGBW (red, green, blue + white) LED light. We adopted the wire bonding method to bond the LED chips to the ceramic PCBs.

We provided the below solution to our customer:

We designed the COB LED PCB and chose the matching chips first.

Next, we manufactured an aluminum nitride LED plate (ceramic PCB) and wire-bonded the chips on the plate. A single LED module was manufactured, which could emit red, green, blue, and white light independently.

This RGBW LED module had a brightness of 8000 lumens. It can be surface mounted on another ceramic PCB or MCPCB.

We provided the customer with the sample as well as testing for free. When the customer checked and approved, we implemented the bulky production.

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