Top 3 mainstream PCB design software

The PCB design software is based on the circuit schematic diagram to realize the functions required by the circuit design. What are the current three major PCB design software giants?

1. AD.
The full name of "AD" is Altium designer. AD software is easy to learn and suitable for beginners. Many college students and some low-end manufacturing companies use this software.

The predecessor of "PADS" is POWER PCB. It is the most commonly used tool software for high-end PCB design users. PADS is characterized by simple and easy to use, quick to use, flexible design, and very high degree of freedom for users. The schematic tool of the PADS series of tools is PADS logic, the PCB tool is PADS layout, the automatic wiring tool is PADS router, and the package library creation tool is LP wizard. PADS is the most widely used EDA software on the market, which satisfies most The requirements of small and medium enterprises. Especially mobile phone PCB design. PADS software almost occupies a monopoly advantage.

3. Cadence.
Cadence has almost become synonymous with high-speed boards. Cadence is a software company specializing in electronic design automation (EDA). Cadence is not so much an EDA software as it is a collection of EDA tools. It contains a variety of high-speed signal simulation software, PCB design software, of which we mainly use two, one is OrCAD dedicated to drawing schematics, the other is Allegro dedicated to PCB Layout . This software is powerful and has advantages for drawing large boards. According to statistics, 60% of computer motherboards and 40% of mobile phone motherboards are drawn by Cadence. It can be seen how high its market share is.

AD, PADS,Cadence, these three mainstream design software, which one do you use?