What is High Speed PCB: Are High Speed and High Frequency PCBs the Same?(Part 3)

What Should We Care about - High-Speed PCB Signal Integrity
High-speed/high-frequency PCBs are difficult to design because the signals can easily radiate/couple and affect the signal quality. Here are some points to keep high-speed PCB signal integrity:
1. PCB wires should be short and avoid loops. (don't make them become antennas).
2. Have a ground layer and power layer to shield signals radiation between layers.
3. Reduce distributed inductance and electromagnetic compatibility of when auto wiring for the key signals.
4. Place the wave filter and decoupling components near the interface.
5. When the circuit board has high, medium, and low-speed signals, keep the high and medium speed signals away from the interface.
For more design tips for high-speed PCBs, you can refer to the article How to Design High-Frequency PCBs.

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