PiEEG-Open Source Raspberry Pi Shield that Measures EEG, EMG, and ECG biosignals

PiEEG is a open source Raspberry Pi shield that can measure biosignals in electroencehalography(EEG),electromyography(EMG), electrocardiography(ECG),etc. PiEEG can be used in various ways in a very easy way and it is compatible with different types of electrodes. What is worth mentioning is that PiEEG is designed for everyone to use, all you should do is connect the electrodes and run the Python script to measure biosignals. And applications include gaming, entertainment, sports,health,meditation and so on.

PiEEG relies on open source software to process biological signals in real time. Our open source models are stored in GitHub, which can help you to control things like robots by using brain-generated EEG signals.The devices is designed to help you understand not only neuroscience but also processing, filters and machine learning.

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