How does PCB Manufacturer Print Peelable Solder Mask

At PCBHERO, we apply the peelable solder mask on the required PCB pads and PTH holes in the screen printing method. And the blue mask we use is Peters SD-2995.

When we confirm the PCB manufacturing requirements, if the boards require peelable solder masks, we manufacture custom stencils for printing blue masks on pads/holes according to the design.

If the NPTH or PTH holes need to be sealed by peelable solder masks, we also manufacture the custom tray that will plug in the holes at the depth of about 1/3 of the hole depth. The aim is to avoid the remains of the blue mask when peeling off.

The custom stencil and try are combined and placed in the screen printing machine, and then we print the blue mask on the PCBs panel by panel.

Then we bake the boards to let the blue mask dry and continue PCB manufacturing.

When we finish PCB manufacturing and testing, we place the circuit boards in the boxes. Between every two circuit boards, we put a piece of separator paper. This is because, without the separators, the peelable solder mask may stick to adjacent PCBs.

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