Automotive chip VS components: About automotive-grade electronic products (part 2)

One-Stop Solution to Automotive PCB Assembly - PCB-HERO 

automotive circuit board for EMS solution

From the advanced PCB manufacturer PCB-HERO, you can get one-stop solutions for automotive electronics manufacturing, including automotive PCB manufacturing, automotive PCB assembly, automotive components and IC sourcing.

Reasons to work with PPCB-HERO for Automotive PCBA One-Stop Solution:

ISO, IATF 16949, REACH, UL, RoHS-certified automotive PCB manufacturing
Automotive PCB assembly following IPC-A-610 Class 2/3
Quality automotive components and IC sourcing at possibly the lowest price
One-on-one engineering support with free DFM, DFT, DFX
Quality components and ICs from audited direct factories and suppliers, no refurbished

Please check PCB-HERO's automotive PCBA solution capabilities below.

Automotive EMS capabilities

PCB layers

1 to 64

PCB types

rigid-flex, FPC, ceramic, RF microwave, HDI, high TG, aluminum, thick-copper

PCB assembly finest pitch


Smallest SMD packaging


Component sourcing

one-stop with your BOM, traceable


AOI, flying probe, X-ray, four-terminal sensing, thermal aging, functional test, free IC counterfeit detection

Other services

Conformal coating, IC programming, end-product assembly

If you want automotive component and IC souricng, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, please feel free to send your BOM and Gerber to by email at


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