0.71" Microled Display

1.8 cm (type 0.71) diagonal, 1920(RGB) × 1080 dots active matrix color OLED panel module using single crystal silicon transistors. This panel incorporates panel driver and logic driver, and realizes small size, light weight and high definition.
Applications: View finders, head mounted displays, very small monitors etc.
◆ Small size high definition type 0.70 display dots: 1920 (RGB)×1080 = 6.22 M dots
◆ High contrast
◆ Wide color reproduction range
◆ High-speed response
◆ Thin type and light weight
◆ Power saving function
◆ Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function
◆ Orbit supported

To learn more , DM me or drop mail to  Amy.long@pcb-hero.com

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